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I thought it might be a good idea to use my first blog post to describe (as a future reminder to myself) why I am starting a blog at all. I wrote a lot in college on my way to a degree in English. I quickly learned that, while writing can obviously function as a instructive form of communication, the writing process also focuses the writer’s mind and teaches him more about his subject than he would have learned otherwise. Forcing yourself to sit down and write about something, whether it is novels or code, brings to the forefront all of the niggling little issues you failed to fully resolve while actively reading the novel or banging out the code. For the sake of your readers, you must intellectually close those loops. Doing so enhances your understanding of the subject and results in a more complete composition worthy of your readers’ attention.

A technical Web Log functions as any other log in the sense that it records things as they are happening in the hope that it will provide some value in the future. It is in this sense that many readers seek out technical blogs. They have a problem and need help solving it. They can benefit from the work you, as the author, did and documented weeks or months earlier. Although you can certainly refer back to your own work in this way, you primarily benefit in real-time. You gain a greater depth of understanding merely through the process of writing and working through the aforementioned niggling issues. One might argue that you could achieve the same benefits by keeping a personal journal of your work and not bother with the hassles of making it available publicly. However, I don’t think the effect would be the same. Sincere consideration of your readers provides the motivation to clarify that which you already understand and to generally put an additional level of polish on your work that would be easy to leave out if it was merely for personal reference.

We’ll see if I still believe any of this to be true after giving it a go for a few months. Stay tuned…

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